No matter where you go for a holiday it is difficult not to over-pack, but this is never so true as going to Bali because it is so hot and humid, in fact, many are able to travel with only carry-on luggage. You will only need summer clothing there, so leave coats, jumpers and trackies at home. This will free up a lot of space in your luggage, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill it up. So whether you are going to stay in one of Balis best hotels or one of the amazing villas on offer, Easy Villas offers some good packing tips for your Bali holiday.

  • Don’t stress about what to pack. If in doubt leave it out. You can always purchase more when you get there if you need it. Many items in Bali prove to be really cheap.
  • Pack only lightweight clothing. Swimming? Take two swimsuits so they will have a chance to dry out in between swims, whether it be at your accommodation or at one of the beautiful beaches
  • Take one cocktail dress and dressy sandals to go with it. For the rest, shorts, t-shirts or casual tops and joggers for walking are all you will need. Thongs for beachwear/casual walking are also good.
  • You will need to take or purchase a sarong to cover you up when visiting temples, otherwise a pair of long pants or maxi-skirt will do, but they’ll be hotter.
  • Leave that beach towel behind. Most accommodation provides towels or beach towels. If not, they are quite cheap to buy. However, if you are arriving late at night and will want a shower, you could take a smaller towel just in case.
  • Don’t worry about taking make-up. The weather is so hot it will all sweat off – or you will swim it off. Instead, take tinted sunscreen. This is one thing that is expensive in Bali, so take plenty with you.