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Everything You Need To Know About A Prospective Marriage Visa

Within Australian immigration law, there are visas of kinds for anyone wishing to live in Australia. Many relate to families such as parent visas and partner visas. Another of these family visas applies to couples planning to get married. It is called the Prospective Marriage Visa, although you may hear it being referred to as the “Fiancé Visa”. You may also see it referred to as “Subclass 300”.  Here is everything you need to know about it.

Who Is The Prospective Marriage Visa For?

This visa exists for couples who plan to marry but where one of them is an Australian citizen or permanent resident and the other is not. Specifically, it applies to those who are

  • Living outside Australia
  • Intending to marry an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Do not meet the requirements for a de facto or spousal visa, such as a partner visa
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How To Stop Your Puppy From Destructive Chewing

There is one behaviour that sees puppy owners take their beloved little bundles of fur to the puppy school at Madame Ma’s for more than most, and that is destructive chewing. There are countless stories of puppies chewing through almost anything, often to destruction. Unfortunately, many of those items were irreplaceable or extremely valuable, so it is safe to say destructive puppy chewing is not welcome.

If you have a puppy and fear that it is starting to chew items it should not, then you need to take action. Let us state right away that we are not talking about punishing your puppy. Teaching any dog, no matter how young, how to behave should always be done based on praise and rewards for good behaviour rather than punishment for bad behaviour.

At worst, it would be best if you used the tone of your voice to indicate to a puppy that what they are about to do is wrong. That does not mean shouting at the top of your voice, tempting as that might be when a puppy has just destroyed the TV remote. A better way is taking action that teaches your puppy proper behaviour, and below you will see some ideas of what we mean when it comes to training your puppy not to chew things. It should not be destruction.

Pay Attention: Just as you would keep a close eye on a baby, the same applies to your puppy. The more attentive you are, the more likely you are to prevent them from chewing something they shouldn’t.

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7 Reasons Why A Limo Is The Perfect Way To Travel To The Airport

The flights and the hotel are booked, you have checked that everyone’s passport is valid, and currency arrangements have been made, so what else do you need to do? Well, how about deciding how you and your family are going to travel to the airport, and for that, a limo hire car is a method that more and more people are choosing over others.

Now, you might be thinking that limo cars are just for celebrities to arrive at movie premiers or newlyweds to head off on their honeymoon, however, limo cars are the ideal way to travel for a lot more occasions than those. In particular, hiring a limo car to take you and your family to the airport before departing on your holiday, is far more preferable than hiring a taxi or driving yourself and leaving your car in the long-stay car park.

To prove this point, we have outlined seven reasons why you should choose a limo hire car for transporting your family to the airport and why it is the perfect start to any holiday.

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What You Can Do If Your Spouse Or Partner Refuses To Leave Your Home

In most cases where a married couple or a couple who are in a de facto relationship decide to separate, the normal course of events would see one of them move out of the home they share. They might contact their family lawyers for advice, and In the majority of cases, although the couple might have some disagreements over any future divorce, the agreement to live in separate homes is done amicably.

Unfortunately, there can be a scenario where no such agreement can be made, and despite the couple’s relationship being completely broken, neither of them is prepared to move out and insists that they remain. There can be many reasons for this, and the solution is not always that easy to find.

This stems from the fact that Australian family law does not provide any legal basis for one party to a marriage or de facto relationship insisting that their partner or spouse move out, simply on the basis that the relationship has run its course, and they want them out. Even calling the police, or going to court, on the basis you hate your ex is not going to get you far, and will certainly not result in them being told to leave.

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Choosing The Best Cat Enclosure For Your Cat

Cats are pets which, to some people, are a bit of an enigma, especially those who have never owned a cat. One minute they will see a cat snuggled up on the lap of its owner, and then a few minutes later they will see it entering its cat enclosure with an air of confidence and independence that cats display regularly.

The fact is, it is not just cats that need time alone and a place where they can be undisturbed, all animals do, including humans. For a cat, the reasons for it being in its cat enclosure can vary, with some of the most common being:

  • For Peace And Quiet
  • Recovery From Illness
  • Recovery From Injury
  • Expecting Kittens
  • To Be Introduced To Another Cat
  • To Play
  • To Rest
  • To Sleep
  • For Safety And Security

Not every cat will necessarily experience all of these but just being able to have its own space, such as a cat enclosure, where it can relax and feel safe, will be appreciated by any cat. If you do not yet have a cat enclosure the next question is, ‘How do you choose one?’, so here some important questions you should asking yourself before buying one.

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5 Ways To Transform Your Teeth From Embarrassing To Stunning

Whilst many patients visit their dentist due to issues such as tooth cavities and receding gums, many others will do so for reasons that, strictly speaking, are nothing to do with the health of their teeth or gums. What we are talking about are patients who are unhappy with how their teeth look, and specifically how they look when they smile.

The reasons for this are many, but the most common are crooked teeth, missing teeth, teeth which have gaps, and discoloured teeth to name but four. Now there are those that might suggest that wanting a dentist to put right these, or any other issue which might be considered cosmetic, is pure vanity.

However, we draw your attention that being embarrassed by your smile due to issues with your teeth can solicit a range of emotions, and some of them can be extremely debilitating. There are many who end up with issues such as agoraphobia or who have panic attacks when the thought of others seeing their less than perfect teeth arises.

Of course, there are those for whom having their teeth ‘fixed’ is purely because they want to look better, and there is nothing with that. Everyone has the right to do whatever it takes to make themselves look and feel as good as possible, and if that means asking the dentist to put right a few teeth, so be it.

Let us take a look at five of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments that can turn an embarrassing smile, into one you can be proud of.

#1 Dental Implants

Anyone who had lost a tooth, especially those at the front, used to only have the choice of a plate or dentures but with the development of dental implants, there is a more effective solution. Basically, it means a titanium base being fitted permanently to your jaw, and this is what supports the crown which is effectively your new tooth.

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10 Things You Should Know Laser Eye Surgery

Whilst many individuals are confident with eyeglasses or happy to wear contact lenses, some are not, so laser eye surgery has become an extremely popular option.

Laser eye surgery carried out by the eye specialists at Insight Eye can be a life-changing procedure that provides clear vision without needing other eye correction products. Lots of people who have undergone this treatment say that they wish they had gone for it a lot sooner than they did.

Any form of treatment can be nerve-wracking, no matter how small or insignificant it might be. Still, laser eye surgery should not cause undue stress, especially if you learn as much as you can about the procedure beforehand. Knowing that you’ve done your homework and are informed, you can keep your mind at ease in the days before your laser eye surgery.

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How to Get Insurance for Engagement Rings

The cost of purchasing engagement rings in Australia, on average, is around $5,300. If you bought a car for $5,300, you would get insurance for it – wouldn’t you? Therefore, getting insurance for your engagement rings of similar value makes sense as well. If you lose your ring, it’s stolen, or it becomes damaged, having insurance offers peace of mind that you are going to be able to replace it with a ring during your wedding reception of similar value – even if the sentimental factor is not the same.

How do I Get Insurance for My Engagement Rings in Australia?

Diamonds and Pearls Perth tells us that there are two primary ways you can go about getting insurance for your engagement rings. You can cover it under your home and contents insurance – as long as you include portable contents cover, or you can opt for specialist jewellery insurance. Even though you may pay a little more for specialist insurance, it can, in many cases, offer a higher level of cover.

What Happens If I Insure My Rings with Contents Insurance?

If you decide to include your engagement rings under your home contents insurance, it’s imperative to upgrade your policy to include portable contents. If you don’t, you may find yourself not covered if you lose your ring outside your property. When you upgrade to portable insurance, you can generally cover up to $6,000 but may only receive $2,000 for an individual item.

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How to Own Your Own Home Cinema

Once, the television was part of the living room and still is, in many cases. But people who want a better experience when watching movies like to design their own home theatre. This is just what Sam Sorgiovanni has done with the design of the superyacht Amara – there is a cinema room that seats 16 people on that yacht, incorporated into all the other luxury fittings such as pools, saunas and elegant dining rooms.

There is no reason for an upmarket home to have anything less, albeit you may not want yours to seat 16; then again, if you entertain it would be good to have a room large enough to seat that many people in comfort – or more. Most people enjoy watching a good movie and this is one way to ensure they can get the most out of it, especially with surround sound and no distractions from the rest of the house.

It’s also a wonderful way to show off those pictures and movies from your last overseas holiday. And if you have guests staying over the weekend or longer, watching a movie can be a great way to finish off the day’s activities, especially in winter when it may be too cold to spend much evening time outdoors.

It is not that difficult to convert a spare room into a home theatre, but if you are building your own home it’s much better to have it designed especially right from the start. That way you can make sure it is comfortable, soundproofed and has all the fittings in the correct places for when you get your new television and surround sound gear.

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How To Provide Great Entertainment At a Party

When you are throwing a party, you’ll want to also add lots of fun entertainment. A party where people have nothing to do but talk and drink is somewhat boring.  One way to up the entertainment level at your party is to provide a photo booth so your guests can all have a bit of crazy fun dressing up and taking photos of themselves and their friends.  People are used to taking selfies with the mobile phones, but a booth provides an even better setting for them, where others won’t inadvertently get in the way.

There are many other ways to make your party fun and entertaining so your guests will enjoy it and remember it for months to come – and want to come back again next time.

  • Add a mix of lively music so that everyone will hear something they like and can dance to
  • You can also add other, more outrageous props and costumes for guests to use with the booth, apart from the ones already available.
  • Teach people simple country dances that are fun and easy for all to do
  • Have a live band to add a bit of romance to the occasion
  • Choose a DJ with a lot of different music styles, who is experienced in getting parties to swing
  • Hire an entertainer or group of entertainers suitable for the occasion
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