Choosing The Best Cat Enclosure For Your Cat

Cats are pets which, to some people, are a bit of an enigma, especially those who have never owned a cat. One minute they will see a cat snuggled up on the lap of its owner, and then a few minutes later they will see it entering its cat enclosure with an air of confidence and independence that cats display regularly.

The fact is, it is not just cats that need time alone and a place where they can be undisturbed, all animals do, including humans. For a cat, the reasons for it being in its cat enclosure can vary, with some of the most common being:

  • For Peace And Quiet
  • Recovery From Illness
  • Recovery From Injury
  • Expecting Kittens
  • To Be Introduced To Another Cat
  • To Play
  • To Rest
  • To Sleep
  • For Safety And Security

Not every cat will necessarily experience all of these but just being able to have its own space, such as a cat enclosure, where it can relax and feel safe, will be appreciated by any cat. If you do not yet have a cat enclosure the next question is, ‘How do you choose one?’, so here some important questions you should asking yourself before buying one.

How Much Space Do You Have In Your Backyard/Garden/Patio?

Obviously, the amount of space you have available outside is going to determine the size of cat enclosure you will be able to accommodate in that area. Some cat enclosures are designed for balconies, others for large gardens, so there is plenty of scope. There are also pet enclosure companies that can supply customized cat enclosures of any size you require.

Does Your Cat Venture Outside Or Stay Indoors All The Time?

Although cats are instinctively outdoor animals, many cat owners keep them indoors all the time. This can be a problem if the cat has never been outdoors, and you are now thinking of having an outdoor cat enclosure. It might be fine, but then again it might get stressed. Ideally, you should try allowing your cat to get used to being outside so that it can experience the sights, sounds, and smells that it encounters there.

Which Type of Cat Enclosure?

As well as different sizes, there are also a variety of cat enclosures types available. Examples of these include

  • Portable Cat Enclosures: These are normally made from lightweight materials such as aluminium and mesh or netting. They can be folded down and repositioned or transported and are generally easy to assemble.
  • Permanent Cat Enclosures: If you have space and have no plans to move house, having a permanent cat enclosure built in your garden or yard is an option. They are large and often include climbing accessories, scratch posts, and sleeping areas making them a virtual home from home for your cat.
  • Playpen: These are lightweight enclosures that are usually small but still enough for your cat to fit inside. They are often similar to playpens for babies and toddlers and thus are very basic. These should normally be used as a temporary solution especially if your cat is going to spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • Netting: The use of netting to create a cat enclosure outside is a popular option. This netting can be used to completely enclose a garden or yard and thus keeps your cat safe inside. They are usually made from aluminium frames and polyethylene netting and the better pet enclosure suppliers will custom design and install them for you.