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How Landscaping Professionals can Enhance Your Lifestyle

When it comes to getting landscaping done, whether it is residential or commercial, having landscapers like Intreeg Landscapes do the job is really the best way to go, especially in places such as Australia, where both the weather and soil type can pose challenges.

One reason why gardens fail

A lot of our garden plants and even the methods we use to garden have filtered down from England, a country where the weather is cool and damp. When you translate these plants and methods to a country known for its heat and dry climate it is no wonder that many gardens become disaster areas.

Landscaping professionals may have learned such methods, but since they are experienced in Australian conditions, they know when to leave those tried and true – for England – ways of gardening behind and get with Australian methods. One of these is finding ways to conserve moisture in the garden rather than draining it away as is necessary in wetter climates. The addition of organic mulch or non-organic covers such as pebbles are both good ways to conserve moisture and the latter adds colour and interest.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Landscaping Business

Once you make the decision to start up a landscaping business like Lone Pine Landscapes, there is a lot to do and understand, even if you’ve worked in the area before. It is easy to get carried away with enthusiasm and make mistakes that can have your dream tumbling down, along with your cash flow. So here are 5 mistakes to avoid when starting up your business.

  • Landscaping is not just mowing, although it can include that. There will be many kinds of implements and equipment that you are likely to need in carrying out your various landscaping chores. It’s important to not rush out and purchases them all, especially those high ticket items like ditch diggers. Instead, purchase the things you’ll use a lot of and sub-contract or hire the rest, at least until you can afford to buy them.  And while it’s important to have modern equipment, you can save money to start with by purchasing good used equipment.
  • Not answering the phone is going to cost you money. When people do their research and pick two or three people to do their gardening work, the next step is to phone them. If you don’t answer, they’ll go onto the next one on their list. Of course it is hard to answer when you are working or driving. But you can have the calls redirected to someone else who can answer for you or hire an answering service. Otherwise, you need to leave a friendly but professional message on the phone promising to call back within a certain time such as at lunch time or during your afternoon break.
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