How to Own Your Own Home Cinema

Once, the television was part of the living room and still is, in many cases. But people who want a better experience when watching movies like to design their own home theatre. This is just what Sam Sorgiovanni has done with the design of the superyacht Amara – there is a cinema room that seats 16 people on that yacht, incorporated into all the other luxury fittings such as pools, saunas and elegant dining rooms.

There is no reason for an upmarket home to have anything less, albeit you may not want yours to seat 16; then again, if you entertain it would be good to have a room large enough to seat that many people in comfort – or more. Most people enjoy watching a good movie and this is one way to ensure they can get the most out of it, especially with surround sound and no distractions from the rest of the house.

It’s also a wonderful way to show off those pictures and movies from your last overseas holiday. And if you have guests staying over the weekend or longer, watching a movie can be a great way to finish off the day’s activities, especially in winter when it may be too cold to spend much evening time outdoors.

It is not that difficult to convert a spare room into a home theatre, but if you are building your own home it’s much better to have it designed especially right from the start. That way you can make sure it is comfortable, soundproofed and has all the fittings in the correct places for when you get your new television and surround sound gear.

When designing your own home cinema it’s great to have a big screen, but don’t make the mistake of having it too big for the room. This can cause headaches or make a person feel they need to step right back away from the screen – and they won’t be able to if the room is not big enough. If you are not sure about the size screen needed, consult with a professional. They can also advise on the best places for the speakers. Having a cinema room is great but not if it makes your guests uncomfortable.

Getting the best quality cables and cords is also important because the sound quality won’t be there unless you do, even if you have top quality equipment. Seating should be luxurious for a magnificent experience. Having lounge chairs with good support will enable you and your guests to feel comfortable no matter how long you are viewing the screen for.

Once you have your own home cinema set up you’ll find it gives you, your family and your guests a great deal of pleasure and entertainment.

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