To discover that a spouse has been unfaithful must surely be something that rocks a person to the core, whether they have been married for three or thirty years. Knowing that the person who promised to be faithful ‘until death do us part’ has been anything but, can also generate emotions ranging across a scale from grief to sheer and outright hatred.

What follows the discovery of infidelity can vary, but when you consider that infidelity is cited as one of the top four reasons why married couples divorce, then it suggests that divorcing their cheating partner is the choice many wronged spouses make.

Before the first meeting with their family lawyer takes place, the client is often under the false impression that because their partner has committed adultery, they are going to be able to use that against them. Further, they fully expect that infidelity will mean that the financial settlements resulting from the divorce will be more beneficial for them. The simple fact is none of those assumptions is correct.