The flights and the hotel are booked, you have checked that everyone’s passport is valid, and currency arrangements have been made, so what else do you need to do? Well, how about deciding how you and your family are going to travel to the airport, and for that, a limo hire car is a method that more and more people are choosing over others.

Now, you might be thinking that limo cars are just for celebrities to arrive at movie premiers or newlyweds to head off on their honeymoon, however, limo cars are the ideal way to travel for a lot more occasions than those. In particular, hiring a limo car to take you and your family to the airport before departing on your holiday, is far more preferable than hiring a taxi or driving yourself and leaving your car in the long-stay car park.

To prove this point, we have outlined seven reasons why you should choose a limo hire car for transporting your family to the airport and why it is the perfect start to any holiday.