8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Web Design

When you have a website it is usually because you want to interact with others in some way, whether to sell a product or service, or just get visitors to sign up for something. According to Slinky Web Design our web design plays an important part in accomplishing this, but in some cases it does not do the job you had hoped, or does not do it as well as you thought it would. The reason could be your web design.

If visitors find navigating your website difficult, or they can’t find what they want they will soon leave. But don’t despair because there are easy ways to improve your web design so that the user experience is enhanced. Here are some tips you can implement to make your web design better.

  • Link each page to the home page. Many webmasters think that visitors only come to their site via the home page, but this is not true. When visitor come via another page you need to make it easy for them to find the home page so they can take the action you want them to. Make the link back to the home page obvious and easy to see and tell them to click on it.
  • Use responsive design. It is essential in this day and age when so many people connect to the internet via their iPhones or other small device. If your website is set up to be read on a desktop PC it will be difficult to read on a smaller screen.
  • Ensure your navigation is intuitive. Most links are found in a line across the top of the page while secondary ones go down the left side the page. It is better to put all those links that are not so important down in the footer where they can be found but are not cluttering up space where it is needed.

  • Kick clutter off the page. Never have competing calls to action on the same page. Don’t have tonnes of graphics, animated gifs, photos or other images. Leave lots of white space between short paragraphs and even limit the number of links on each page so that visitors are not confused.
  • Use a neutral colour scheme and have pops of colour to draw the eye to important features such as a clickable button.
  • Fonts should be easy to read on all devices so should be no larger than about 11pt.
  • Put important information on the top right of the page above the fold, where it is the most visible.
  • Always test your design and colour scheme. The bigwigs do it and so should you. A small tweak can make a big difference in what works and brings in more customers.