Bringing Kitchen Design Out of the Dark Ages

What every woman dreams of is a modern kitchen that is smart, functional and looks amazing. Unfortunately, people with older homes are unlikely to have this unless they get a professional kitchen designer like Kitchen Professionals in to completely renovate this important room. With the advent of open floor plans, the kitchen is in full view of everyone, so it simply must look its best.

If you are thinking of making renovations on your kitchen, don’t settle for less than the best. Even new pre-made cupboards and appliances won’t do the job you expect. Once the excitement wears off you’ll realise that your kitchen is really just another kitchen and it most likely still has some design faults, albeit not the same ones –hopefully – that it had before.

What you really need for a modern kitchen

To truly bring that kitchen out of the dark ages what you need is a professional kitchen designer. And if they also supply the materials and install the kitchen, so much the better. It can be very difficult to tee up three different companies to do the work that is needed when you fully renovate a kitchen. Having one company do everything will certainly reduce your stress, especially when you know you can trust them to provide top quality materials and finishes as well as do a great job on the actual building/tiling/plumbing/electrical work and whatever else is needed.

So what is really wrong with older style kitchens?

  • Most don’t have enough counter space. When you are cooking up a storm you need elbow room to do it and a place for all those dirty dishes to go until you’ve finished.
  • Storage is a problem with many kitchens. You need to store a great deal in a kitchen; food, pots and pans, appliances, crockery and cutlery.
  • Accessibility is important and often missing. How often have you had to kneel down on the floor and grope into the back of a dark cupboard to find what you want? How much better to have drawers that pull out and slide back in with one touch.
  • Older kitchens are either too dark and need lights switched on all day, or they have lighting that is harsh and glaring in the night.
  • Flow is often missing in the kitchen. When the work space is not designed properly you will have to walk twice as far to get what you want, often finding that what should be right at hand is way over on the other side of the room.

A professional kitchen designer is fully trained and highly qualified to not only find out what kind of kitchen suits your lifestyle and implement it, but to suggest many design elements that the DIY handyman would not even think about.