When building or renovating a home, one of the significant decisions you or your designer or builder will make is choosing your building materials and locating a reliable supplier.

Whether you are looking for fencing, cladding, insulation or partitioning, it is always important to find the right building materials supplier at the right price.

A fence is essential if you plan on having a swimming pool. Glass pool fencing is quickly becoming one of the trendiest options on the market. It is seen by many as a modern, stylish option and can be used with pretty much any landscape and home design style.

One of the best aspects of glass balustrading is its low maintenance and durable design. They’re made from a rigid material like glass combined with durable stainless steel or aluminium fittings, so they usually have a minimum lifespan of at least ten years.

Glass pool fencing is a great lifestyle choice that can brighten your pool area and improve your backyard design. Let’s have a bit closer look at glass and how it can be used as a pool fencing material:

What Types Of Glass Fencing Are There?

Glass pool fencing is highly customisable, so you can usually modify and change it to suit your needs. However, there are two main glass fencing styles, including:

Frameless Glass Fencing – Frameless glass fences are usually constructed with rigid glass panels secured to the ground with strong stainless steel fittings. They aren’t joined together and aren’t supported by anything other than these fittings. This means that they offer complete visibility, along with a minimalistic style.