The Most Effective Automatic Pool Cleaners

Installing a pool is a wonderful way to get the children out of the house and doing healthy exercise where you can watch over them. When you have a pool, you will know that the biggest headache is keeping it – and thus the water in it – clean, so it is safe to swim in and swallow, since kids usually end up doing this while they are playing in the pool. An automatic pool cleaner will take much of the drudgery out of cleaning the pool.

There are many different kinds of pool cleaners available, so you need to do some small research to ensure you get the best one for your pool. Some cleaners suit small pools, while others are better for larger ones; still others suit a specific shape such as curved or cornered while others will even climb steps.  To get the most effective machine for the job all these things should be taken into account, but there is still another way to get the best cleaner and that is to look at robotic cleaners.

Just like robotic house vacuum cleaners, the robotic pool cleaners work pretty much on their own. You only have to put them in the pool and watch them go to work. In fact, watching is not necessary, but you are sure to want to watch your cleaner working at first, just for the joy of seeing it do all that hard work instead of you.

Even though the robot range of cleaners are the most expensive, there are still affordable options amongst them.  And while the initial cost is higher than other automatic cleaners, they do save on water, chemicals and power – not to mention the effort you’ll expend to clean the pool otherwise.

How do they save on these 3 things?

  • Water – with other pool cleaners backwashing is needed to clean the filters and hoses. This is not necessary with a robotic cleaner.
  • Chemicals – more chemicals are needed to make the water clear when using other types of automatic cleaners because they use the pool’s filter which becomes full more quickly and passes out cloudy water.
  • Power – backwashing takes up more power. Extra time spent filtering water takes up extra power. These two components are reduced with a robot so you save more.

What does the robotic pool cleaner give you more of?

  • More free time to enjoy swimming or relaxing.
  • More peace of mind and satisfaction knowing your pool water is really clean.
  • More energy to expend on other house maintenance chores or simply playing with the kids.

You can easily see the trade-off of spending that extra cost for a robot to clean your pool is well worthwhile. There will always be some cleaning tasks to do in your life, but pool cleaning need not be one of them.