Sometimes we do stupid things when we are young and regret them a great deal as we mature.  Tattoos come under this heading. During that time of our teens and early twenties we are in a rebellious frame of mind and may get extensive tattoos that we realise a few years down the track look very ugly. If that has happened to you, consider investigating PicoSure Tattoo Removal.

Once, it was well-known that if you got a tat you would have it for life whether you wanted it or not. When you are young you don’t realise that having a tattoo can actually interfere with your job prospects and even with your social life. If the tattoo is extensive and ugly you will probably be branded as a bikie or a criminal even if you never learned to ride a motorbike or saw the inside of a police station.

You would not be accepted for any kind of job where security of any kind was important. You couldn’t work with children or do many other things that you may want to and had the skills to do. That is why you suddenly realise that it is time to get rid of the tat. Or on the other hand you might just want to replace it with a different one for some reason.

PicoSure tattoo removal uses special laser treatment to break down the ink in the tattoo so that your body will see it as a foreign substance and be able to remove it. The benefit of the new treatment is that the pulse of the laser is much faster than previous similar treatments. This allows a stronger pulse to be delivered with fewer complications or damage to the skin.