Benefits of Dental Implants

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare States that Australian adults are missing, on average, 4.5 teeth. Did you know that missing teeth can have quite an impact on your oral health? Fortunately, dental care options like dental implants exist that can make a world of difference. Read on to find out how.

They Match Your Natural Teeth

The beauty of dental implants is that no one has to know you have them. Your dentist works hard to provide an accurate match so they don’t stand out for all the wrong reasons. They match both the colour and fit, so you don’t have to worry about people asking, do you have dental implants?

You Can Prevent Bone Loss

Many people who lose teeth do nothing about replacing them. If not for aesthetic reasons, you may like to replace them to reduce the risk of bone loss. You can also lose a considerable amount of bone mass when you lose teeth. The sooner you act, the less you may lose.

You Can Restore Your Bite Force

When you lose teeth, you tend to adopt new chewing habits. You sometimes don’t feel you can bite down as hard as you used to, and your entire eating method can change.

With dental implants, you can restore that bite force you once had. Dental implants are anchored into your jaw with titanium posts. Because they replace your natural tooth root, you can chew with about the same bite force as you used to with your real teeth.

They Don’t Get Cavities

One of the first things your dentist will tell you after getting dental implants is that you must include them in your oral health routine. Brush with a nylon brush and floss regularly. Establishing an oral health routine can keep your implants in tip-top shape.

In saying that, you may be pleased to know that dental implants don’t cause cavities. The materials from which they are made do not decay.

Dental Implants Stop Your Face Shape-Changing

A surprising side effect of tooth loss is that your facial structure can change. You can even end up looking older than you are. Dental implants offer your mouth support to retain the same shape it had when you weren’t missing teeth.

You Can Talk Normally

When you’re missing teeth, you may notice that your speech changes. And even with other tooth replacement options like dentures, you may feel like you aren’t pronouncing words like you used to. Given that dental implants are designed to mimic your natural teeth as closely as possible, that’s unlikely to be an issue.

Dental implants are a popular permanent tooth replacement option that many prefer over others, like dentures. They support your adjacent teeth, fill the gaps in your mouth, and look and function like your natural teeth.

If you’re tired of missing teeth – either through how it makes you look or alters your eating habits, then a visit to your dentist could be in order. Dental implants may be a valid option for you.