Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Essential for Health

Carpets are one of the most popular floor coverings for both homes and commercial buildings. This is due to the comfortable warmth and noise insulation they provide. Walking on a hard surface is not only tiring, it is noisy, both to those on the same floor and to those underneath. However, according to Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth since carpet cannot be washed like a hard floor surface can, it poses a health hazard if you do not get carpet cleaning on a regular basis.

How your carpets get dirty

  • Carpets in the home are exposed to more dirt and germs than those in commercial buildings mainly because pets often live there. Dogs and cats roam outside in the dirt and when they come inside, a small percentage always comes with them. Then they groom themselves to remove dirt and it goes into the carpet, along with their hair and dander, even if you can’t see it. These animals may even have fleas, eczema or other skin conditions, the bacteria from which will be wiped into the carpet as they lie or play on it.
  • Birds may be kept in cages, but their feathers and dander drift out of the cage and settle onto the carpet. Those that fly around the house are likely to defecate as they go and if it lands on the carpet it is impossible to get it all out.
  • Children tend to run inside without wiping their shoes or bare feet first and so dirt and grime is tracked inside. And it wipes off onto the carpet which acts like a towel, scraping off dirt from passing foot traffic and hiding it deep within the fibres.

  • Adults can often track dirt in from the garden, their workplace or even from a shopping trip. The road and footpath outside are not exactly clean so whatever adheres to your shoes will come inside and get into the carpet via your own and other’s feet, even if you kick your shoes off on the hard floor covering.
  • And when children or others spill food and drink on the carpet it is impossible to get it out of the deep layers, even if the surface of the carpet looks clean.

Most people use a vacuum cleaner on the carpet and this is good for surface dust. It may even suck some dirt out from underneath the fibres. You may use products on the carpet to clean it, but non-commercial products and equipment simply don’t do as good a job on cleaning as commercial ones do.

Commercial carpet cleaning will tackle the kind of stains and embedded dirt and germs that your household cleaner would never be able to reach. Steam cleaning carpets actually kills the bacteria, rendering it harmless to children who love to sit there.