Dental Implants vs Dentures – Which Is Better?

When it comes to considering the options you may have if you need to replace missing, broken, or damaged teeth, there are two which most people would add to their list of possibilities. These are dental implants and dentures, which both offer very different solutions to the same problems. In order to help you move your decision-making process forward, we are going to highlight for you, the pros and cons of both dental implants and dentures.

Pros Of Dentures

Dentures Provide You With Functioning Teeth: The most obvious benefit of having dentures is that they provide you with a set of functioning teeth that you can use to chew, eat, and smile.

Dentures Improve Your Appearance: By using dentures you can go from someone with gaps in their teeth or badly decayed teeth to someone with a pure white set of teeth which gleam.

Dentures Are A Low Cost Solution: Compared to some other dental treatments, the cost of dentures is initially low, which makes them a more affordable for many.

Dentures Improve Your Oral Health: As dentures do not require anything to be implanted, there is less chance of infections occurring, provided you adhere to oral hygiene.

Cons Of Dentures

Dentures Are Not Permanent: By the mere fact that dentures are placed into your mouth and then removed proves that they are not a permanent solution to missing teeth as does the fact that are likely to need replacing.

Dentures May Not Fit Perfectly: You may find that dentures do not fit the contours of your gums perfectly, and as such, could be prone to loosening or slipping when you are talking or eating.

Dentures Have Ongoing Costs: As well as the cleaning solutions in which you need to steep dentures overnight, there are other required costs such as bonding agents, which mount up to a considerable amount over time.

Dentures Can Fall Out And Break: One of the most annoying aspects of dentures is that that they can fall out of your mouth unexpectedly, and potentially break on impact with the floor underneath.

Pros Of Dental Implants

Dental Impacts Provide A Permanent Solution: Dental implants are durable and provide a long-term solution, assuming that they are cared for correctly with respect to oral hygiene.

Dental Implants Are Easy To Maintain: Unlike dentures that require bonding agents and steeping overnight, dental implants are cared for simply by following an effective daily oral hygiene regime.

Dental Implants Have Zero Movement: Whereas dentures can move and slip, dental implants are secured to your jawbone using titanium posts which remain securely in place with no movement.

Dental Implants Help Maintain Your Jawbone: Rather than your jawbone continuing to be depleted and eroded due to rotting teeth, dental implants instead preserve the jawbone.

Dental Implants Feel Natural: Once your dental implants are fitted and you have gone through the recovery period, you will often forget they are there as they feel just like natural teeth when you talk, eat and smile.

Cons Of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Require Minor Surgery: There is no escaping the fact that to fit them, dental implants require minor surgery, which, as with all surgery has a recovery period thereafter, albeit a relatively short one

Dental Implants Take Time: Dental implants are not an overnight solution as they require assessment, planning, manufacturing, insertion surgery, and some recovery time following the minor surgery to implant them.

Dental Impacts Have A Higher Upfront Cost: Although the longer terms cost are minimal compared to dentures, the initial costs which you will need to pay upfront are going to be higher given the cost for their manufacturing and the surgical procedure , for example.