Musts for Healthy Skin

There are plenty of tips and advice around to make your skin more healthy, but it doesn’t pay to take advice from just anywhere. Skin is the largest organ of your body and as such, needs sensible care that is simpler than you may think. Many problems with skin are due to what is put on it in the form of chemicals. A natural approach can be far more effective, especially if you have sensitive skin. Here are some musts for healthy skin.

  • Use skin care products that don’t contain a boatload of chemicals. Even dyes and fragrances can irritate the skin. Go for a skin care product that is gentle and mild.
  • Skin should not feel tight after you have finished your daily care routine. If it does, you’ve probably stripped away the natural oils that are there to protect it.
  • Stop dry skin by using moisturiser after washing your face.
  • Find out what type of skin you have and purchase products to suit it rather than choosing what your favourite singer uses. Realise that you can have oily skin on parts of your face and dry on other parts.
  • Reduce your stress levels – even if you are stressing out over a zit. Stress is bad for the health of your skin as well as for your whole body. Set apart some ‘me time’ or use some kind of relaxation technique.
  • Moisturise your skin regularly especially if you spend a lot of time swimming. After showering is the best time as that helps it lock in moisture. Pat your face dry rather than scrubbing at it with the towel.
  • Get plenty of exercise; it’s not only good for your health overall, but especially good for the skin as it helps to remove toxins and reduce stress. It also helps the skin to produce collagen, which reduces wrinkles.

  • Drink plenty of water. It hydrates the skin and flushes toxins from your body in a way that nothing else can.
  • Cut back on smoking, which reduces blood flow to the skin and ensures a great supply of wrinkles in your future.
  • When it comes to choosing a moisturiser, noncomedogenic means it won’t block the pores of your skin, which is good.
  • Exfoliating your skin can remove dead skin cells, but choose something very gentle as it can also aggravate acne and even damage the skin if it is too abrasive.
  • Go easy on makeup, using products that are free of chemicals. Always clean it off your face at night so your skin gets a chance to recover and be natural for a while. Natural is good!