Why BodyAttack Group Fitness Classes Could Be for You

Have you ever found yourself tiring of the same old routine? Going for a run can, of course, be beneficial for your body, but there can be many drawbacks as well. What’s more, a solo run offers none of the benefits of a group fitness class such as BodyAttack. If you’re tired of pounding the pavement, or you’re looking for something new, here’s why a BodyAttack group fitness class could be for you.

You’ve Hit the Wall

It’s not uncommon to hit the wall in your exercise routine. You may tire of going along the same road for a run every day, or you may discover you’re no longer losing weight or feeling any fitter. That’s when you need to find a new way to exercise. A BodyAttack group fitness class could be the answer because it pushes your body to the limit. It’s a medium to high-intensity exercise with sports-inspired workouts. You don’t require any equipment, but you get to take part in a 55-minute cardio class to improve speed, fitness, agility, and strength.

You Want to Make Friends

Going for a run on your own can be freeing for the soul, helping you to melt away the stresses of the day. What it doesn’t do, however, is let you make friends. Running is very much a solo activity, and BodyAttack aims to change that. When you join a group fitness class such as BodyAttack, you will immediately love the group dynamic. While you’re there to take part in high-energy training, you also enjoy an element of camaraderie, encouraging everyone to push and challenge themselves. You may even make lifelong friends in the process.

You Want to Burn More Calories

A BodyAttack group fitness class starts with aerobic exercises to warm you up, before jumping into a high-intensity and sports-inspired workout session. Because the trainer encourages you to dig deep and push your body to its limits, you can burn far more calories than if you tried to work out alone. When you’re on your own, no one is pushing you to run that extra mile or maintain that prone hold position for a few extra seconds. Motivation is all about pushing yourself which equates to burning more calories.

You Want a Flexible Workout Schedule

One of the most common excuses for not exercising is that you don’t have time. A busy work schedule and a family can be more than a full-time job – that’s understandable. However, if you’ve got an hour at the end of every day to watch TV, then you can surely find an hour within your day to try a new group fitness activity. BodyAttack runs for 55 minutes with a range of timetable options to suit even the busiest professional.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve hit a wall, are no longer seeing results, or you want to make a dramatic change, you may find that a group fitness class such as BodyAttack can tick all the boxes. Today could be a good day to shake up your workout routine for the betterment of your overall health.