Graphic Design Ideas that Pop

Graphic design should be so good it pops and sizzles, but unfortunately, much is so bland and boring it slips out of our notice, along with whatever it was advertising. Not all designers have what it takes to create great design, but by taking heed of just a few tips you can edge out the competition and become the kind of graphic designer that everyone wants to work for them. So here are a few idea to make your graphic design memorable.

  • Fonts are an essential element in most graphic design, but you may be unsure which to use where – and shouldn’t it all be the same in a design? Not so. Pairing contrasting fonts can really make the design special – especially if you make one font large and the other smaller. This brings out the contrast and helps to make the text appealing.
  • Colour is a very important component of any graphic design. Yours will really stand out if you match the font colour to the main colour in the graphics. For an exact match you can get the 6-digit HEX code by using a colour picker tool. You can also make the colour stand out more against a patterned background if you enclose it in a semi-transparent box or shape.
  • Another way to help light text stand out when placed on a patterned background is to darken the background.
  • Colour saturation can increase the vibrancy of an image that may otherwise look somewhat washed out.



  • Cropping an image can enhance both the image and the text, giving you better space between elements for the text to fit so it is more visible and balanced.
  • Colours, fonts logos and images should remain consistent throughout the branding so that it becomes recognisable no matter whether it is on a web page or a brochure, or whether it is large or small.
  • Use shapes and icons for infographic type materials to make the presentation more interesting.
  • Use a grid layout for similar images with only text in one of them; unify it by using a background and font colours from the pictures.
  • Experiment with all the different elements to see which one works the best.
  • A simple box frame around text can help it stand out.
  • Fonts have character; you have to match the font to the message. If the message is bold, then the typeface should be a strong one – not an elegant sloping script.

One of the best ways to learn great graphic design is to look at the work of others and see what elements have been used to make it stand out. And as with many things, don’t be afraid to break the rules, sometimes.