How to Stay Healthy in Bali

There is always some risk to your health when travelling even if it just because you will be mingling with a lot of people from different places who could spread the kinds of germs that your body has not built up immunity to. When going to places such as Indonesia and especially Bali, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of getting sick and having your holiday spoiled. Here are some tips to stay healthy in Bali.

  • First of all, take out sickness insurance before you leave home. This will ensure that you can be flown home quickly should you get hurt or sick, rather than going to a hospital that may not have the same quality of health care or the facilities that you are used to.
  • Remember that Rabies is rife in Bali, so watch for wild animals and don’t try and pet the monkeys or the dogs. You can get rabies from a bite or a scratch.

  • Drink only at reputable licensed establishments and never let any drink out of your sight. Drinks can easily be adulterated with other substances that can cause a great deal of harm. Methanol poisoning symptoms include headache, blurred vision, flashing lights, dilated pupils and blindness. It is imperative to get medical attention urgently.
  • Drink water from purchased and sealed bottles only. Clean your teeth in this water, not tap water.
  • Do not eat ‘magic mushrooms’. They can cause hallucinations, erratic behaviour, psychosis and anxiety – and are illegal.
  • Mosquito borne illnesses are common. It’s a good idea to take medication to prevent malaria and have any vaccinations you may need at least 8 weeks prior to leaving Australia.
  • Don’t eat food from street vendors, particularly uncooked food. Don’t eat ice cubes.
  • If you have to take prescription medication, contact the Indonesian Embassy to find out for sure if it is legal in that country. Otherwise you could end up in gaol.
  • Cholera, measles, hepatitis, typhoid and tuberculosis are all prevalent in Indonesia – which includes Bali.
  • Some sea foods contain toxins that occur naturally so if you suspect poisoning seek medical advice sooner rather than later.
  • Avoid getting black henna tattoos in Bali. This dye can cause severe skin reactions.

This area suffers from many natural disasters such as flooding, mud slides, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions with accompanying smoke haze and volcanic ash. All these can and do cause injury or loss of life to those caught up in them. However, many people enjoy a holiday in Bali with no ill effects whatsoever. Bali villa accommodation will help to keep you out of the crowded streets where catching an illness is more likely.