Pros and Cons of Free Drug Rehab Treatment

Drug rehab treatment at a facility such as Sivana Rehab is notoriously costly and for those who may have spent years as an addict it is almost impossible to afford, especially if it is a residential clinic. The day clinics are cheaper, but their recovery rate may not be as high due to the addict returning to a high-risk environment each night. However, there are some free residential clinics available, which may be a good option for those who want to kick the habit that is wrecking their lives.

While state funded rehab clinics are available, there are pros and cons to using them. Here are some things to consider before making a choice.


  • The biggest pro is that these clinics are free of charge. People who absolutely cannot afford the cost of drug rehab can get help.
  • They are often reasonably close so there is little cost for travelling.
  • If you have no or few financial resources, they are certainly better than nothing.
  • They are residential, so you don’t have to return to a high risk environment each night.
  • They use programmes that have worked for many drug addicts in the past.
  • They have some volunteer medical staff, so you are likely to get people who know a lot about drug treatment.


  • Because they are free there is usually a long waiting time before you can get in. This can affect some people who may change their mind, or if they are suicidal.
  • They don’t have luxuriously appointed accommodation like the paid models do. That said, for those who’ve been living on the streets, any accommodation may be welcome.
  • Because of their limited capacity, you may be released before you feel able to stay off drugs. This can be a problem because it is more difficult to be rehabilitated a second time around.
  • Due to their budget, they use outdated techniques, rather than modern techniques, that may not be as good as some of the latest programmes. However, they have helped some people recover.
  • To get in, you have to give a lot of financial and other information to government institutions to prove you can’t afford the paid options.
  • If you want privacy you may not get it because there is no telling who you may meet in there if the clinic is close to your home.

Even within state-funded drug treatment clinics there can be different programmes and ways of running the clinic. It is a good idea to do some research before you try to get into a free clinic, to find the best option for you and to see which ones can take you in soonest. Don’t give yourself time to change your mind; getting help is imperative.