The Truth Behind Botox

For many people, the science behind Botox injections doesn’t so much matter, as long as the result is everything they could want it to be, and more. However, isn’t it essential to understand at least the basic information behind Botox and how it works so you can make a fully informed decision? Below, we cover a few facts about Botox injections.

The Toxin

Botox injections don’t consist entirely of a synthetic product. Instead, they are a direct result of toxins released by a soil bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. These toxins released by the bacteria affect the body’s muscular junctions, stopping your body from releasing acetylcholine – a chemical it uses to help your muscles contract.

This chemical forms a vital role in transmitting information to your nerve cells. Because the toxin interrupts and ultimately ceases this process, it causes a reaction known as chemical denervation, resulting in paralysis in that area.

How Have We Used Botox Over the Years

One of the first discoveries, before medical professionals came to understand how effective Botox injections were, was that the Botulinum toxin could interfere and alter your neuromuscular signal transmittances. Both doctors and scientists then set about isolating this property, trying to figure out how they could apply it to the medical field. First, however, they would have more sinister uses.

Military scientists began considering the use of toxins for chemical warfare, but Japanese scientists were already one step ahead. Before World War II, they had experimented with it during their occupation of Manchuria, giving them a deeper understanding of how Botulinum worked.

US military scientists had deepened their knowledge too and began manufacturing it into pills as part of a bioweapons programme. This programme was still active until 1970. However, while Botulinum became a way in which to harm others, it was also being developed into Botox injections to help, as well. Scientists finally came to realise that they could use Botox injections to help with neurological conditions, as well as facial muscles that caused wrinkles.

Now, Botox injections are safe, FDA-approved, and are helping millions of people around the world. They can take care of fine lines and wrinkles for people to gain back their long-lost self-esteem, as well as being an aid in conditions such as Bells Palsy. While it may have had shady beginnings, there’s no denying that Botox injections and the science behind them have come a long way.