Why Designer Garden Pots are a Good Choice

Many people love gardening but for some reason cannot have a garden. This may be because of their living environment or due to their health. However, most people can have at least one pot plant to keep them happy. If you have a tiny courtyard or room for just a few planters on your patio, it is important to get it right if they are to look pleasing. Using designer garden pots has several advantages.

  • Visual appeal. Designer garden pots can be sophisticated or casual, but no matter what type they are they will add visual appeal to your surroundings.
  • A pot plant can be enhanced by the pot it lives in; it will have much less appeal if you dump in into a black plastic pot.
  • The pot that contains the plant provides at least half of the appeal of the whole. When your plants are not flowering, or when the display has gone past its best, the attractive pot below it will still provide something good to look at. Even if there is nothing in the pot at all, it can still provide an attractive focal point on the patio or in the courtyard.
  • Courtyard and balcony plants often don’t have showy flowers; rather their appeal is in the shape and colour of the leaves or the shape of the plant. A designer pot has a similar subtle beauty that will set off those plants to the best advantage.

  • You can buy several such pots in a certain range and they will all go together because they are tied in with the colour. So you can have different sizes and shapes that are the same colour, or all the same size, shape and colour if you prefer that. Each choice looks lovely.
  • Designer pots are much heavier that plastic pots. Why is this important? Balconies especially, are likely to have a windy environment. A heavy pot will not blow over. And if the plant grows up big and tall, such a pot will not become top heavy so that only a little breeze will cause it to fall, but will provide a counter balance to the weight of the plant.
  • Designer pots that make a visual statement can enhance the room that leads onto the balcony. In most cases, you can see those pots and plants from the room, so it becomes an extension of the room to a great extent. When you have beautiful pots there it gives you something to enjoy looking at whether you are on the balcony or inside.
  • Pots that match help to provide a cohesive look to your display, so you can have a variety of different plants that will still look amazing due to the pots they are in.