3 Good Reasons to Use Colorbond Roofing

If you are building a new home there will be many decisions to make regarding the materials you use. These are important decisions so are worth due consideration. After all, you want your home to be made of durable material that will give value for money, provide good insulation and offer aesthetics as well. If it can be light as well as strong and have low maintenance, so much the better.

Colorbond roofing ticks all of the above boxes. However, there are even more reasons why steel roofing is a good choice.

  • With the hot, dry Australian summers bushfires seem to be a part of the landscape, and not only in rural areas. Bushfires can spread into towns and even cities, where there are a lot of trees to provide fuel for them. Colorbond roofing is the ideal choice to help ward off fires, not only because it won’t catch on fire, but because it keeps embers from lodging in niches or under the eaves. This gives your home a better chance of survival if such a disaster should happen in your area.

  • Colour is an important part of aesthetics. With Colorbond, there are 22 colours to choose from so you can be sure there will be something to suit your home, no matter whether it is made of brick, vinyl or weatherboard – and no matter what the colour or style is. Some people may prefer one of the light colours, but certain homes look better with a darker colour as it defines the shape. You may also want your home to blend into the surrounding environment and this too, is much easier to achieve when the colours in this steel roofing have been chosen especially for that purpose. In addition, the colours have been bonded into the steel as it is being made, so they don’t fade.
  • Being light but strong means that the roof can extend for a long way without much support, so that allows a wider choice of styles. You can add an overhang to the front or back of the home to give shelter from rain and sun without any need for supporting infrastructure, or only minimal support, depending how far it extends. Another advantage of its light weight is that less supporting infrastructure is needed for the main roof, especially when compared to tiles. This also brings down the cost of the home.

You might think that a steel roof would be hot, but a special way of applying the colour ensures that the sun’s rays are deflected, allowing the roof to be much cooler that most people expect. When you add your normal roof insulation, it provides an interior temperature that is comparable to other roofing choices.