The Importance of Safe Scaffolding

Many buildings these days are high-rise, even residential buildings. Few such structures can be built without some form of scaffolding to provide access to those parts that are out

of reach. Whether it’s a high-rise of many storeys or a home with one high side, safe scaffolding is needed if the job is to be completed safely.

We have heard of scaffolding collapsing for whatever reason and it is a danger not only to the people using it, but to those who are underneath. Severe injuries or loss of life are the results of scaffolding falling down and anyone who survives must be considered very lucky. So how can you ensure the scaffolding for any building job is safe?

The main way to ensure strong, safe scaffolding that is appropriate for the job in hand is to hire a scaffolding company to design and build it. All the components of the scaffolding must be designed to give the kind of strength needed for the job. It is not only the weight of personnel that it must hold, but of building materials and tools. This increases the load of the scaffolding exponentially, so it has to be strong enough for the load. In fact, good scaffolding is stronger than the load it is expected to withstand.

If the workmen cannot be sure of safety, they will not be able to concentrate on doing the best work possible and so there is the danger of the building not being erected to the proper standards. To do a good job workers need safe access that they know will not collapse under their feet as they work.

Scaffolding is also needed for plant maintenance. Most building or maintenance companies do not have professional scaffold builders amongst their staff. Building scaffolding is a specialised task in itself. Very often, generic, pre-built scaffolding is of no use because it was not designed for the needs of a particular job – and each projects has different requirements due to the environment it is build in.

That is why generic scaffolding can be dangerous even if it is strong enough to support the weight. It may not provide the best and safest access, or support the weight necessary in just one area, so it can tip or collapse unexpectedly. Scaffolding specialists will know how to design the best scaffolding for the job so it is stable and safe no matter where the weight is placed.

Project builders can have peace of mind knowing they have provided a safe working environment for their staff when they take care to use specially designed scaffolding that is erected by professional scaffolders.  So whether you have a large high-rise as your project or a home built on the side of a hill, get the best scaffolding for the job and stay safe.